MBA Program Objectives and Student Learning Outcomes


Objective A: Develop Proficiency in core business knowledge.

Students Learning Outcomes for Objective A:

A1. Attain information literacy and acquire theories and concepts from core functional areas of business.

A2. Compile and analyze relevant information (and data) to address complex business challenges.

A3. Apply up-to-date information technologies in business decision making.


Objective B: Encourage creative and critical thinking in business applications.

Students Learning Outcomes for Objective B:  

B1. Critically synthesize and analyze information for problem solving in business situations.

B2. Think creatively in decision making through rigorous application of multidisciplinary knowledge in business situations.


Objective C: Develop leadership, communication, teamwork and entrepreneurial skills in the local and global contexts.  

Students Learning Outcomes for Objective C:

C1. Apply leadership skills and perform as an effective and ethical team player.

C2. Effectively engage and communicate with a variety of stakeholders.

C3 Apply entrepreneurial skills in diverse business situations.

C4. Apply business knowledge in the global context.

C5. Apply business knowledge in the context of the Armenian economy.