Human Rights and Social Justice

The Master of Arts (MA) in Human Rights and Social Justice (HRSJ) program examines violations of human rights and issues of social injustice encountered around the world. The program considers the topic from multiple perspectives, building in students a thorough understanding of prevalent problems and providing them with the knowledge and competencies for working toward achieving human rights and social justice for all. 

Program Description

The MA in Human Rights and Social Justice is a flagship program integral to the AUA mission of having an impact on students and the community as a center of academic excellence, innovation, inquiry, and diversity. Realized jointly by the AUA Master of Laws and Master of Political Science and International Affairs programs, the MA in Human Rights and Social Justice provides students with an advanced conceptual understanding of social justice and the mechanisms for promoting and protecting human rights at the international, regional, and national levels, informed by the latest practice in the field. The program offers a combination of theoretical and specialized knowledge, along with cultivating in students’ real-world competencies specific to the field. As such, it focuses on the development of professionals prepared to spearhead initiatives for peace and justice working in a variety of organizational settings and across areas of expertise.

The curriculum examines human rights and social justice from different perspectives using legislative, political, as well as non-governmental lenses in the analysis of current urgent issues. It also includes thematic discussions of the legal and social frameworks related to poverty, gender, and environmental issues, and other topics related to government oversight and enforcement of state policies on human rights and international conventions.