MSE Admission Requirements

  MSE program seeks highly motivated students with good quantitative skills and excellent English to prepare for careers and advanced studies in economics and public policy. To be considered for admission, applicants must meet the below requirements:...
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MSE Structure 

  Preparatory Semester (some students may be exempt) Quantitative Methods for Economics Statistical Methods for Economist Preparatory Microeconomics Core Semester (all required 3 credit courses) Microeconomic Theory Macroeconomic Theory...
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HRSJ Courses

  HRSJ301 Seminar in Human Rights and Social Justice (Credits:3) Human rights is often viewed only from the legal perspective, which could be described as a narrow view on human rights. However, human rights have historical, theoretical, philosophical,...
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IESM Program Curriculum

IESM Program Curriculum – what’s in it for you? We offer six core foundational courses that provide students both intellectual depth and practical skills in Operations Research, Quality Assurance and Management, Simulation of IE Systems, Engineering...
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HRSJ Program Goals

  This new MA program in Human Rights and Social Justice aims at meeting twin purposes:  ˗ To produce graduates who will be leaders in the field of human rights and social justice as advocates, field officers, legal advisers, or researchers,...
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MPH Degree Requirements

  ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS To be considered for admission, an applicant must meet the AUA General Admission Requirements and the MPH Program Specific Requirements. Applicants are expected to: Be graduates of a school of medicine, dentistry or veterinary...
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