Undergraduate Programs

AUA offers 4-year undergraduate degrees in Business, English and Communications, Computer Science, Engineering Sciences, and Data Science. All programs are offered as part of a liberal arts education to assure that graduates are specialists and well-rounded individuals who can think critically and creatively, learn independently, understand different thought processes, work collaboratively, and communicate effectively with people from different cultures and disciplines. Students have the ability to pursue one track in their chosen major.

BA in Business 

The BA in Business (BAB) provides students with a solid foundation for business management, marketing, accounting, and economics. Students develop analytical capabilities, critical thinking, and decision-making skills to address complex real-world business problems. Throughout their four years, students develop professional curiosity, self-reliance, and strong business acumen, aside from the formal academic training they receive. Graduates are well equipped for positions in fields such as accounting, sales, marketing, economics, finance, and general management. The BA in Business also provides a solid foundation for entrepreneurship, admission to an MBA program, or further specialized studies in marketing, accounting, economics, finance, or other related disciplines.

The program offers a wide range of courses, both required and elective, that enables students to specialize in one of four tracks:

  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Economics
  • General Business

Find additional information on the curriculum and courses here.

BA in English and Communications

The BA in English and Communications provides students with a strong foundation in English literature and language along with a critical understanding of contemporary media and literary/cultural theory, while developing communication skills that can be applied in a range of contexts. Graduates are well equipped for positions in public relations, advertising and corporate communications; journalism, publishing, and mass media; translation and interpretation. They will also be well prepared to pursue further graduate studies in literary studies, cultural studies, creative writing, film studies, education, communications, translation, psychology, political science, international relations, public administration, business administration, law, and education.

Students in the English and Communications program have the option of pursuing one of three tracks:

  • Public Relations
  • Writing and Translation
  • General

Find detailed information on the curriculum and courses here.

BS in Computer Science

The BS in Computer Science is designed to provide an integrated and interdisciplinary undergraduate degree that applies the theoretical rigor of mathematics and computational methods to real-life problems. Graduates will be well positioned to obtain jobs in industries such as software development, data science, financial analysis, game development, biotechnology, mobile development, IT startups, and security management and cryptography. They will also be equipped to pursue further studies at AUA or other graduate schools worldwide.

Courses cover a range of topics from pure theory to hands-on applications include mechanics, artificial intelligence, dynamical systems, electromagnetism, cryptography, and computer graphics. Elective courses allow students to pursue one of two tracks or design their own program of specialized study:

  • Applied Mathematical Modeling
  • Computer Science
  • General

Find detailed information on the curriculum and courses here.

BS in Engineering Sciences

The BS in Engineering Sciences is a four year multi-disciplinary program designed for students who are interested in a broad-based general engineering degree. The program provides a multidisciplinary degree that fuses core concepts from traditional engineering disciplines, empowering graduates to address challenges common to complex and integrated technological systems. The program explores synergies among science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in enabling students to understand a multitude of complex systems and address the challenges of Armenia, the region and the world.

The BS in Engineering Sciences program accentuates innovation and creativity, fostering an entrepreneurial disposition in graduates. The program also underscores effective oral and written communication skills to help graduates convey ideas from the discipline to become change-agents and leaders. Graduates may pursue employment in a wide range of sectors requiring analytical and quantitative skills as well as advanced studies in a wide variety of academic disciplines, such as mechanical, electrical, and systems engineering, computer science and robotics.

Find detailed information on the curriculum and courses here.

BS in Data Science

The four-year BS in Data Science is an interdisciplinary degree combining fundamentals of statistical modeling, machine learning, and computational sciences. Students develop skills across several disciplines, acquiring the knowledge and tools to manage massive amounts of data emerging from new realms in business, engineering, biotechnology, as well as any other domain with big data. The program prepares graduates that are well-prepared for employment in a wide range of sectors including data mining, technical marketing and business analytics, bioinformatics and pharmaceutical statistical research, as well as advanced studies in a number of academic disciplines such as computer science, engineering, environmental science, and bioscience.

Required core courses cover a range of topics from theoretical math and in-depth statistical methods, to computer programming and hands-on practical applications, including data visualization, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Students will have the opportunity to choose a set of courses concentrating in one of two domains of specialized study to match their interests and advance their careers:

  • Business Analytics Track
  • Bioinformatics Track

Find detailed information on the curriculum and courses here.

General Education

An AUA undergraduate degree consist of two components: the Major requirements and the General Education requirements. While the Major gives students depth, specialization, and career preparation, General Education gives breadth and a foundation of general knowledge, perspectives, and skills for life. Both are carefully designed components to assure that graduates are ready for life-long learning, whether in the classroom, on the job, or on their own. For more information visit


An undergraduate minor at AUA is a set of thematically related courses intended to broaden and complement a student’s learning and experience. Minors are optional. Currently, AUA offers the following minors:

Environmental Studies
The Environmental Studies minor will provide undergraduate students the opportunity to develop deeper knowledge and skills in environmental conservation, restoration, engineering, and governance. Visit here for more information.

Genocide Studies and Human Rights
Check back soon for more information. In the meantime, visit here for requirements.

Philosophy, Politics, and Economics
Check back soon for more information. In the meantime, visit here for requirements.


AUA’s faculty brings world-class education, teaching, and professional experience to the classrooms and students of the University. They hold advanced degrees from renowned universities including Cambridge, Columbia, Harvard, McGill, MIT, Moscow State, Stanford, Yerevan State, and others. They represent a range of professional experience including CEOs of leading local companies, entrepreneurs, technology consultants, IT visionaries, media professionals, published authors, government advisors, partners at major global accounting firms, bankers, and more.