PSIA Student Learning Outcomes


GOAL 1. Master subject matter

1.1 Comprehend subdivisions of the discipline and connections among them.
1.2 Distinguish among theories, concepts, and interpretations in the discipline.
1.3 Explain government systems, institutions, political participants, structures, and processes in Armenia, the region, and internationally.
1.4 Conceptualize political problems facing Armenia, the region, and the world today.

GOAL 2. Critical thinking and analysis

2.1 Question, interpret, and apply theories and concepts to practical issues.
2.2 Organize, filter, and synthesize a large body of information.
2.3 Dissect a problem into its component parts.
2.4 Analyze and make reasoned arguments.

GOAL 3. Research skills

3.1 Understand and apply different research methodologies.
3.2 Construct and use appropriate research techniques.
3.3 Search for and select appropriate resources/ evidence/ data.

GOAL 4. Communication skills

4.1 Write clearly and concisely, structure papers logically, and properly cite sources.
4.2 Communicate with an audience clearly and concisely, with logically structured presentations, using appropriate presentation tools.

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