Undergraduate Admissions: Selection Process


AUA practices holistic admissions. We select students who have the skills and ability to succeed in their studies and for whom AUA is well suited to their educational and career goals. Once you submit your application, it is screened for technical eligibility. If eligible, the Undergraduate Admissions Committee will then conduct a thorough review of your application, which may include inviting you to an interview. Once your application is complete, you will receive notification of your admission status by email up to 12 weeks after the application deadline date.

As admission to AUA is competitive, the committee will consider both academic and personal information, including educational background, official entrance exam scores, extracurricular and volunteer experience, essays, and an interview, if applicable.



At AUA, we select students who have the skills and ability to succeed in their studies and for whom the University is well suited to their educational and career goals. We are looking for students who demonstrate passion and commitment, are dedicated to enhancing their communities, have the potential to thrive academically, and have a sense of curiosity and desire to learn.


After you submit your application, the Office of Admissions conducts a thorough review ensuring that you have met all requirements. This review can take place up to 6 weeks after your application submission. We call this the technical eligibility review. Once the Office of Admissions deems an application complete, it is forwarded to the Undergraduate Admissions Committee (UAC) for a thorough review.

The process of selecting students is done holistically by the UAC. They spend a great deal of time on each application knowing how much time and effort you devoted to applying to AUA. In their review, your school grades and entrance exam scores are extremely important. But they are not the only factors. The committee also considers your extracurricular and volunteer experience, leadership roles, your essays, and an interview if you are invited to one. Once they make a decision, the Office of Admissions will release your application status update electronically within 12 weeks of the deadline date to which you submitted your application.

Decisions are made by the Undergraduate Admissions Committee are final and cannot be appealed. For more information, we recommend you review the Undergraduate Admissions Policy at

As you prepare to submit your application, we want to provide you with a set of guidance related to required entrance exams. Below you can find a list of target scores, auto denial thresholds, and the entering class profile that we hope will be helpful as you prepare to apply.

Important note for applicants applying prior to serving in the army: If you are applying to AUA and may be called for your mandatory military service, the UAC and Office of Admissions will make every effort in expediting your application review and releasing your decision. To request an expedited review of your application, please email [email protected] with your full name, tentative start date of your military service, and a letter from your military office (also known as zincomissariat) with details of your upcoming service.



The target and mean scores are for informational purposes only. You should know that scoring above the target scores does not guarantee your admission to AUA. On the other hand, if you score less, you may be considered for conditional admission.


If you score at or below the following thresholds, you will be automatically denied admission to AUA. 

Note: E&C and P&G applicants should note that while math is an important indicator, we understand that some students who are heavily focused on humanities have not studied math for a long time. For Fall 2021, given the Coronavirus pandemic and limited SAT/ACT exams, we are waiving the math requirement for applicants applying to these two programs. The UAC will conduct a holistic review of your application which includes looking at your academic performance, test scores, extracurriculars and community involvement, essays, and an interview (if you are invited to one). However, note that if you are admitted to E&C or P&G and petition during your studies to change your major to one that requires math, you must demonstrate math proficiency by taking the ACT or SAT exams (and scoring at or above the targets) or by successfully taking and completing a math course at AUA. This does not apply to applicants who meet the math target scores for other programs at the time of application.


While we have listed target scores above, we think the 2020 entering class profile may be even more helpful. Of all students admitted during the Fall 2020 undergraduate admissions cycle, the below is a list of their mean test scores. As you’ll note, these scores are higher than the target scores. As admission to AUA is competitive, we urge you to study hard and score as best as you can on your entrance exams.