Student Clubs


AUA is committed to supporting student development outside of the classroom through student clubs.

Students at AUA are encouraged to get involved in various student activities outside of the classroom. You can join any existing club or start your own when the call for club applications is open. 

Whether you are a movie buff or passionate about yoga, acting, music, dance, enjoy taking unique photographs, playing sports, giving back to the community or you prefer exploring business opportunities or you are drawn to the world of law and finance, you can find a club close to your heart.

For more information, please contact [email protected].

How to Start a Club

Call for Student Club Applications 2022 is OPEN.

Deadline: 23:55, September 23, 2022

Do you have any hidden talents you would like to discover? Have you got any interests you would like to explore and pursue? Would you like to meet interesting people who share similar interests? Do you want to learn new skills and have fun?

Students at AUA are encouraged to get involved in various student activities outside the classroom. You can join an existing club or start your own.


All students who are interested in starting a new organization (club) must complete and submit a Student Organization (Club) Charter Form  by 23:55 on September 23, 2022.

You can consult with the Coordinator of Co-Curricular programs at [email protected] to get answers to all your questions regarding student clubs and application procedures.

Please carefully read the information below:

  • The club application should be submitted in a timely manner. If you missed the deadline, the form will no longer be receiving responses.
  • All the clubs must have an adviser. Any AUA full-time faculty or staff can be chosen for this position. As a future club leader, you need to reach out to a faculty or staff member with the request to become an adviser. Advisers assist the student organization in their activities, in understanding university policies, and in resolving potential conflicts. Please read more about the Adviser’s Role and Responsibilities.
  • All the clubs must submit their constitution to the Coordinator of Co-curricular Programs after their application is approved. Please see the sample of the Student Organization Constitution.


The Office of Student Affairs annually organizes the Student Club Fair. This is a day when you can meet the leaders of approved clubs, ask any questions you may have and if you are interested, you can sign up to become a member of one or more clubs.

However, if you missed the Club Fair, you can contact the club leader to learn about the procedures of joining the club.

Organizing an Activity

If a club wants to organize an activity/event, here is a form to complete. The form must be submitted by the club leader to the Coordinator of Co-curricular programs ([email protected]) 6-8 weeks prior to the activity/event.


Student Clubs 2021-2022

    Student Club


AUA Board Games Club

AUA Board Games Club aims to gather students from all departments, create a platform for them to interact and enjoy the time between the classes. The club has various board games, and students can gather in the Student Union, play, have fun and develop their communication and analytical skills.


Contact Information: [email protected]


AUA Tennis Club

Tennis Club is a derivative of the club with the same name founded by the AUA alumni Mikayel Avetisyan (MPSIA’ 21). The main objective of the club is to gather students who are passionate about tennis. Tennis offers the benefits of physical and cognitive advancement. The club will inspire its members to cross the boundaries of their limited perceptions, challenge themselves, discover new sides, meet new people and have fun!   Contact Information: [email protected]

Between the Notes

“Between the Notes” Student Club aims to promote music and musical culture in AUA, where students would gather around shared interests and have productive, informative, and most importantly, fun time. Students will share their talents and creativeness with their peers, learn and explore new ideas and concepts via discussions, seminars, and group work. The main objective is to discover and dive deeper into the cultural sector in AUA, create new bonds and make the students’ experience exciting at AUA.   Contact Information: [email protected]

Books & Beyond

Books & Beyond is a club where we discuss different books, such as detective books, poetry, classics, and others. Besides, we will also watch the movie adaptations of the books, have interesting meetings with book authors and translators, and have theme days when we discuss and celebrate a particular book/theme. We will also have book-related events, such as “Give your used books a better home.”   Contact Information: [email protected]

Civic Education

The “Civic Ed” will prepare students to be informed and engaged citizens in their communities. It will organize debates on different social issues/contradictions, fun-learning activities, and Q/A evenings by Armenian political scientists and sociologists. The club’s objective is to create a connection between youth and state bodies, which will result in bringing possible solutions to current issues in our society.   Contact Information: [email protected]


Colosseum Drama Club

The club will take place in the form of weekly meetings (of about 1-2 hrs) during which we will do various acting games and activities and prepare for a play which we plan to set at the AUA stage.   Contact Information: [email protected]

Cubing Club

Cubing Club’s main goal is to teach people how to solve different twisty puzzles and create a community of solvers.   Contact Information: [email protected]am



Data Warriors

The club focuses on the educational, social, and professional aspects of Data Science. It organizes activities and workshops that aim to develop students’ competence in the field of Data Science; respective professionals of the field have been and will be invited to deliver presentations on various field-related topics; members of the club will be free to organize events that will contribute to the collective learning process of the club members. Collaboration with various professionals and organizations will allow the members to build a strong network and have hands-on learning experiences through various projects. Our priority is to help students get a broader understanding of the field and required skills, and explore the possible paths they can follow.


Contact Information: [email protected]

Discovering the Bible

Students will discuss the Bible, give their questions, and analyze it from different perspectives during the meetings. Reading the Bible, the most popular book in the world, is very important for everyone, but understanding it can sometimes be challenging. The objective of this club is to increase the interest among the students and make it more available for them.   Contact Information: [email protected]

D&D Club

The D&D is a club of social gatherings during which we play the TTRPG Dungeons & Dragons. Our objective is to provide relaxation and enrichment to AUA students via the game.   Contact Information: [email protected]

Horizon Musical Club

The club is oriented towards staging and performing theatrical musicals. The objectives include: 1) Using principles of Broadway and Disney musicals 2) Providing members with theatrical, musical, and choreographic training and experience 3) Helping members deal with social issues such as anxiety, stage fright, etc.   Contact Information: [email protected]

Informed citizen

The club will provide members with a basic understanding of politics, political ideology, current geopolitical issues, and recent political developments. We will also discuss the views of our members and challenge some environmental and social problems around us. Our club members will develop their skills of understanding and solving issues between individuals and gain critical thinking. Moreover, they will build self-confidence, cooperation, and leadership skills.   Contact Information: [email protected]


It’s an initiative that will unite those interested in South Korean culture, traditions, language, and much more. Also, it’s a good chance to expand your horizons for those who wanted to start long ago but didn’t have the opportunity.   Contact Information: [email protected]

Kyōkai Anime & Manga Club

The club is to collect like-minded people interested in Japanese culture and animation. Provide entertainment and educate them on animation matters, comparing the eastern culture of animation to the western one, appreciating Japanese contemporary art and music.   Contact Information: [email protected]

Megapixel Photography Club

During the club’s activities, members will be learning photography and getting hands-on experience with real DSLRs.   Contact Information: [email protected]

Movie Club

The club aims to gather those who like cinema. The main activities of the club will include movie screenings and discussions.   Contact Information: [email protected]

Recitation Club

The club will help students learn how to use body language, words, punctuation, etc. We plan to have weekly meetings, events, competitions that will aim to develop new skills among the club members.   Contact Information: [email protected]

Resonance Music Club

A group of individuals will gather together to play, create and enjoy music. Develop their skills and talents and perform for the AUA community and even for people from outside of AUA.   Contact Information: [email protected]




TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience, where x = independently organized TED event. Our club will be a small part of this student-organized event. The purpose of the club shall be 1.To create awareness for ideas worth spreading as outlined in the TED mission and bring students together to discuss and share a TED-like experience. 2.To encourage cross-campus collaboration between students and provide a supportive and positive learning environment. Students will have an opportunity to develop verbal communication, presentation delivery, critical thinking, organization, and leadership skills.   Contact Information: [email protected]

The Budding Art

Connoisseurs Club

The club’s purpose is to create a space for like-minded art lovers to talk about topics from the simple joy of fine art, such as color, brush strokes, and composition. Discuss more nuanced subjects such as art history, artists’ lives, artistic schools of thought (e.g., Bargue technical drawing styles, Russian academy, Finnish Academy) while also hosting drawing sessions to improve.   Contact Information: [email protected]

Science Club

The objective of our Science Club is to promote science and engage our students to learn, study, and better understand themselves and the world we live in. The club will have a few subsections, fields of science chosen based on the interests of our group members. Motivated by sheer curiosity and a desire to learn more, we will dive deep into the selected sciences through sharing our findings, engaging presentations and activities, as well the occasional guest speaker.   Contact Information: [email protected]

Storytelling Club

The storytelling club creates space for students to develop their speaking, listening, and communication skills. The student-centered club celebrates and vocalizes their voices and stories by cultivating meaningful conversations.   Contact Information: [email protected]

Student Fiction Magazine

For those interested in writing, this student club can be a great place to share their writings and get feedback from anyone from the AUA community. The IPSEITY is a fictional magazine; students can submit their writings anonymously and by their names via email or google form. The stories will be filtered based on different characteristics, such as no hate speech or any element of devaluation of religions and beliefs, and then be published in IPSEITY each month. The magazines will be available at the main building entrance. Also, there will be a box for the feedback next to the magazines. All the rights will be reserved, and the stories will only be shared on the magazine among the AUA community members.   Contact Information: [email protected]

Volunteers’ League

The Volunteers’ League Student Club promotes active volunteerism inside and outside of AUA by linking volunteering opportunities with the students who are ready to volunteer and take the opportunities created by the club to grow, learn, and have an input in the sustainable development of volunteerism in Armenia.   Contact Information: [email protected]