Student Clubs


AUA is committed to supporting student development outside of the classroom through student clubs.

Students at AUA are encouraged to get involved in various student activities outside of the classroom. You can join any existing club or start your own when the call for club applications is open. 

Whether you are a movie buff or passionate about yoga, acting, music, dance, enjoy taking unique photographs, playing sports, giving back to the community or you prefer exploring business opportunities or you are drawn to the world of law and finance, you can find a club close to your heart.

For more information, please contact [email protected].

How to Start a Club

Call for Student Club Applications 2021 is OPEN.

Deadline: 23:55, September 7, 2021

Do you have any hidden talents you would like to discover? Have you got any interests you would like to explore and pursue? Would you like to meet interesting people who share similar interests? Do you want to learn new skills and have fun?

Students at AUA are encouraged to get involved in various student activities outside of the classroom. You can join an existing club or start your own.

Hoe to Form an Organization

All students who are interested in starting a new organization (club) must complete and submit a Student Organization (Club) Charter Form  by 23:55 on September 7, 2021.

You can consult with the Coordinator of Co-Curricular programs at [email protected] to get answers to all your questions regarding student clubs and application procedures.

Please carefully read the information below:

  • The club application should be submitted in a timely manner. If you missed the deadline, the form will no longer be receiving responses.
  • All the clubs must have an adviser. Any AUA full-time faculty or staff can be chosen for this position. As a future club leader, you need to reach out to a faculty or staff member with the request to become an adviser. Advisers assist the student organization in their activities, in understanding university policies, and in resolving potential conflicts. Please read more about the Adviser’s Role and Responsibilities.
  • All the clubs must submit their constitution to the Coordinator of Co-curricular Programs after their application is approved. Please see the sample of the Student Organization Constitution.

How to Join a Club

The Office of Student Affairs annually organizes the Student Club Fair. This is a day when you can meet the leaders of approved clubs, ask any questions you may have and if you are interested,  you can sign up to become a member of one or more clubs.

However, if you missed the Club Fair, you can contact the club leader to learn about the procedures of joining the club.

Organizing an Activity

If a club wants to organize an activity/event, here is a form to complete. The form must be submitted by the club leader to the Coordinator of Co-curricular programs ([email protected]) 6-8 weeks prior to the activity/event.





The public speaking club is a platform for a discussion led by students with the participation of speakers, faculty, students. The club also gives the opportunity to students to give speeches and debate.

Club Leader: Anna Martirosyan

E-mail:[email protected]



Our club is designed for all the funny and inventive people that have a talent and love the game called “KBH.” The goal of the club is to form a KBH team and have performances both in and out of the university.

Club Leader: Ani Jilavyan

E-mail: [email protected]


Megapixel Photography

During our club meetings we learn how to compose an image, how to get the “right” photo, etc. Its aim is to help amateur photographers learn new skills and gain more experience.

Club Leader: Sergey Kirakosyan

E-mail:[email protected]


AUA Board Games Club

AUA Board Games Club was created to make student life more interesting. The purpose of this club is to gather students from different departments and create a friendly atmosphere for them while playing different types of board games.

Club Leader: Satenik Barseghyan

E-mail: [email protected]



“Storytelling” club aims to give a platform where students can practice storytelling and rhetoric, alleviate fear of public speaking and control the mood of the room by telling either about themselves or performing standup – the floor is theirs, so is the choice.

Club Leader: Erik Davtyan

E-mail:[email protected]


Dungeons and Dragons

The club will be focused on the tabletop role-playing game of Dungeons & Dragons. It is a social game where a group of players, working together as a team, impersonating the in-game fantasy characters, complete missions and fight off monsters. The purpose of the game is to raise awareness about the game, get people together and promote pop culture in Armenia.

Club Leader: Daniel Kurghinyan

E-mail: [email protected]


Expanded Cinema

Our club will dig deeper into the art of video-making and will experiment with this medium trying to push its boundaries and see how video has become a tool for artistic self-expression. We will discuss the works of famous video artists and filmmakers, try to analyze the ways they show emotions or concepts visually and find new ways of using the familiar medium.

Club Leader: Mari Sahakyan

E-mail: [email protected]


C4 Chess Club

We play chess and analyze games of top players.

Club Leader: Gor Varosyan

E-mail: [email protected]


“Silhouette” Music Club

“Silhouette” Music Club’s main objective is to organize events and concerts on various themes to better showcase the talents of AUA students.

Club Leader: Nelly Gasparyan

E-mail: [email protected]


Tennis Club

AUA Tennis Club is for fun and health enthusiasts who want to experience comradery and physical excellence in a relaxed setting.

Club Leader: Mikayel Avetisyan

E-mail: [email protected]


Gamers’ Club

We aim to gather gamers with similar interests to socialize and go to gaming events together! Our club will build student relationships and confidence, provide a safe and social place to play, provide an outlet for students that aren’t interested in traditional sports, break down barriers between different groups of students, encourage collaboration and build problem-solving skills, prepare students for the increasingly digital world around them, apply gaming lessons in real life, such as perseverance, teamwork, and decision making, encourage students to improve or maintain good grades so they can participate in the gaming club.

Club Leader: Armen Tonyan

E-mail: [email protected]


“Phoenix” Drama Club

“Phoenix” is a club for the students who are passionate about acting and those who wish to express themselves in a friendly, safe and warm environment. 

Club Leader: Narine Kharatyan

E-mail: [email protected]


Finance Club

AUA Finance Club is an undergraduate level student organization devoted to teaching its members about the broad spectrum of financial services, financial markets and instruments. Practical exposure to the trends, hot topics and case studies paired with trading simulation games will provide the club members with hands-on experience on the financial industry worldwide.

Club Leader: Elen Sahakyan

E-mail: [email protected]


“Heartbeat” Dance Club

Our club will concentrate on teaching students different types of dances. It does not matter if the student is an amateur dancer or a professional, every student can attend our club. Our objective is to give good energy to the students through creating a friendly environment, teaching them something new about dancing, and having fun during our meetings.

Club Leader: Meri Danielyan

E-mail: [email protected]


AUA Volunteers’ League

The Volunteers’ League Student Club promotes active volunteerism inside and outside of AUA by linking volunteering opportunities with the interested students for their development and helping them to grow.

Club Leader: Anna Tantushyan

E-mail: [email protected]


Policy Debate Club

Policy Debate club is a student-led club that aims to raise political awareness and increase the debating spirit in AUA. Our objective is to help AUA students improve their debating skills through practice.

Club Leader: Khanum Gevorgyan

E-mail: [email protected]


Otaku Club

Otaku is a club for those who are interested in Japanese culture and specifically animation. We want to create a friendly community of like-minded people.

Club Leader: Lyudvig Papoyan

E-mail: [email protected]