SAT Updates 2016

The College Board has launched changes to the SAT exam as of March 2016. Please visit the College Board website at for more information about the Redesigned SAT.

AUA accepts both the current SAT and the Redesigned SAT and will accept both tests for the foreseeable future. 

We have designed a list of FAQs we receive from students, parents and the public about the newly designed test in relation to the admissions process at AUA. The answers should help you to get acquainted with the new conditions. If you have questions after reading the FAQs, please let us know. 


What is new about the test?

The redesigned SAT will have two 800-point sections instead of three.  Math will still be Math, but components of the Critical Reading section and Writing section will be used to create the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing score.  Also, the essay portion will now become optional, and will not be a factor in the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing section.


What about the essay?

The redesigned SAT makes the essay portion optional, and we will not require it of our applicants.  This is a decision each university makes individually.  You are welcome to provide scores that include the essay, and can rest easy that we will not let a low essay score disadvantage you in the AUA admission process in any way.  We will store the result, though, and may use it in research that helps us understand the possible future value of those scores in freshman advising and course placement. Meanwhile, the College Board makes it easy to see which institutions do require the essay portion on their website.


How do I prepare to do well on these tests?

AUA wants you to do well on the SAT or AUA Math, but remember that it’s only one of the several factors that we consider in our holistic review.  So do your best, but don’t get overly excited if you do well, or overly sad if you don’t. 


What sources should I use to keep up to date on information about the Redesigned SAT test?

Bookmark this page and check back periodically! And if you’re a student considering applying to AUA, join our mailing list to have information like this sent right to your inbox. To prepare for the exam, the College Board has partnered with Khan Academy to offer free test prep services for the SAT.