Minors at AUA

An undergraduate minor at AUA is a set of thematically related courses intended to broaden and complement a student’s learning and experience. Minors are optional. Currently, AUA offers the following minors:

Environmental Studies 

The Environmental Studies minor will provide undergraduate students the opportunity to develop deeper knowledge and skills in environmental conservation, restoration, engineering, and governance. Visit here for more information.

Genocide Studies and Human Rights 

The minor in Genocide Studies and Human Rights aims to develop conscientious, socially-responsible, engaged citizens by providing students with the opportunity to explore the causes, conditions and consequences of genocide and to recognize human rights as a means to promote peace and justice. Students interested in pursuing further studies in a variety of disciplines or careers in international relations, law, education, business, journalism, the public sector, and human-behavior related fields may be particularly interested in this minor.
The requirements for the Genocide Studies and Human Rights Minor can be found here.
Philosophy, Politics, and Economics 
Check back soon for more information. In the meantime, visit here for requirements.
Procedure to declare intent to pursue a minor
Students declare their intent to pursue a minor through the Office of the Registrar before the end of their sophomore year. Students are encouraged to declare earlier to ensure appropriate advising. Students must also identify the minor when completing the Petition to Graduate form. A minor will be documented on a student’s transcript but will not appear on the diploma.

The form to declare intent to pursue a minor can be found here.

To learn more about Minors at AUA, visit here.