Genocide Studies & Human Rights (GSHR) Minor


The minor in Genocide Studies and Human Rights aims to develop conscientious, socially-responsible, engaged citizens by providing students with the opportunity to explore the causes, conditions and consequences of genocide and to recognize human rights as a means to promote peace and justice. Students interested in pursuing further studies in a variety of disciplines or careers in international relations, law, education, business, journalism, the public sector, and human-behavior related fields may be particularly interested in this minor.

Genocide Studies & Human Rights Minor (GSHR) requires 5 courses (15 credits)

The Genocide Studies and Human Rights Minor was revised in Fall 2021.  Students who entered the University prior to Fall 2021 may choose to complete the previous requirements. 

For information about the previous requirements email [email protected]. 

Required (2 courses) Three electives (at least two of which must be upper division) chosen from: 

LAW142 Introduction to Human Rights 


and choose one:

CHSS185 Understanding Genocide


CHSS187 The Armenian Genocide

CHSS185 Understanding Genocide

CHSS187 The Armenian Genocide

CHSS 188 The Holocaust 

CHSS205 Learning, activism and social movements

LAW202 Legal Anthropology

PSIA271 Religion & Politics

CHSS296 Special Topics in Social Sciences (Topic depending, as announced during course registration for the respective term)

CHSS 285 Genocide Studies and Human Rights Seminar 

CHSS 286 Comparative Genocide