Comparing the Full-Time MBA and the Professional MBA

Common Features:

  • Both PMBA and FTMBA are designed to provide students with a comprehensive MBA learning experience. As such, both MBA options combine three essential elements:
    • A comprehensive and challenging core curriculum that provides students with a solid foundation of business. Subject areas offered include: Accounting, Marketing, Strategy, Finance, Information Technology, Management, International Business, and Economics.
    • An emphasis on developing leadership skills including business communications, managerial negotiations, applied quantitative methods, career development, entrepreneurial and creative problem-solving throughout the curriculum as well as within specific courses.
    • A selection of specialized elective courses that allows students to broaden their professional knowledge beyond the regular general management curriculum.
  • In order to graduate, both FTMBA and PMBA students must complete 98 units.
  • Both MBA options allow students to choose an MBA Concentration. Three MBA Concentrations are offered: Finance, Accounting and Marketing. The selected Concentration is noted on the student transcript.
  • The internship is required for students with less than two years of full-time (or four years of part time) relevant work experience at the date of their admission to the program. The internship requires 360 hours (or almost 9 weeks of fulltime work) that provides the student with a meaningful learning experience.

Distinct Features:

The main differences between PMBA & FTMBA are:

The Professional MBA

The Fulltime MBA

Is tailored mainly for working people with several years of relevant professional experience.  These students would like to expand their knowledge of business fundamentals and core management skills necessary to exercise high level managerial responsibility. Provides a comprehensive and well-rounded business education for individuals who seek a management career as well as desire to specialize in one of the following main functional areas: Accounting, Marketing, and Finance.
Emphasizes strategic decision making and leadership skills by including several project-based courses for real world experience. Allows a higher degree of specialization by including a greater number of advanced elective courses in the second year curriculum.
Is for students who wish to remain fully employed while pursuing their MBA studies. Maintaining full-time employment is highly desired. Is a demanding and intensive program. Concurrent full-time employment is strongly discouraged.
Is offered on a part-time basis and lasts 30 months. Is offered on a full-time basis and lasts 20 months.
Classes typically meet 18:30-21:45, three times per week. Classes typically meet 14:00-18:00, four times per week. Some second year elective courses that are common with PMBA are offered in the evening.
Some courses are offered in summer. No courses are offered in summer. Students conduct an internship in the summer between first and second year of studies.

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