Admissions Calendar and Application Deadlines



NOTE: The Rolling Admission will be restricted to some programs, depending on capacity availability.



We encourage you to start your application as soon as possible and submit it well before the published deadline. Make sure to submit a complete application and attach all the required documents to your application by the graduate admission deadline you intend to apply for.

* Applicants applying by rolling admission will be considered on a space-available basis.

* MSM applicants are not eligible for rolling admission as classes for the program commence in the summer.

MSE, MEIESM, and MSCIS applicants with no corresponding educational background, if admitted, should take summer preparatory courses starting June. Such applicants are encouraged to apply either by early or regular admission. Those who miss any of these deadlines, are advised to approach the corresponding programs before the end of May to check their eligibility even if they have not submitted an application yet. Refer to point 8 of regarding educational background requirements for these programs. 

Due to course sequencing, not all graduate programs accept applications for Spring admission. Therefore, some programs are open to all applicants, while others only to currently enrolled non-degree students. Check the table below to see which programs offer Spring Admission.

If your preferred program of study is not listed below, that means it is not accepting applications for this Spring round.


Applicants ask us about the difference between early admissions, regular admissions, and rolling admissions. We’ll try to explain it here.

Early Admissions
If you’re certain that you want to study at AUA, then we highly recommend you apply by the early admissions deadline. The benefit? If you submit a complete application, then you’ll receive your application status decision within 12 weeks of the deadline. And you’ll know about your financial aid package sooner too. An important reminder: if you plan on applying for financial aid, you must do so by their first deadline. Finally, we often get asked “Is it easier to get in if I apply by the early admission deadline”. Sometimes the admission rate for early admissions is higher. But that is not always true and can change from year to year.

Regular Admissions
If you know you want to apply to AUA but you need more time to prepare for your entrance exams, then consider applying by the regular admissions deadline. Have you had some challenges in high school? Then applying during this deadline will also give you time to work hard, improve your grades, and show progress. If you apply by the regular deadline and are also planning to apply for financial aid, make sure to apply by their second deadline. Once you have submitted a complete application, you will receive your application status update within 12 weeks of the regular deadline.

Rolling Admissions
Usually, rolling applicants are those who decide late that they want to study at AUA. Alternatively, you may simply need some more time preparing for your exams. Just remember that applicants who ultimately apply by the rolling admissions deadline are considered on a space-available basis. What does this mean? If there is no space in a program, then we cannot offer you admission, regardless of how strong your application is. If you do decide to apply by the rolling deadline and need financial aid, make sure to submit that application by their third deadline. We will notify rolling applicants of their status by early August.