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New Student

  Things you need to do High School Transcript To finalize admission you must submit your final official high school transcript including graduation date to the Office of Admissions. Sign your Education Contract Please contact the Office of the Registrar...
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Peer Mentoring Program

  Call for applications for Peer Mentoring Program-2021 is CLOSED! Upcoming call: February 2022 MISSION STATEMENT: Peer Mentoring Program is developed to provide the first-year students a welcoming and enjoyable first-year experience at AUA. Freshman...
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Student Council

Mission Statement The AUA Student Council (SC) takes on the responsibility of representing the entire AUA student body. Its mission is to voice the concerns, needs, aims, and wishes of all the students. AUA students need to feel that their areas of interest...
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Student Clubs

  AUA is committed to supporting student development outside of the classroom through student clubs. Students at AUA are encouraged to get involved in various student activities outside of the classroom. You can join any existing club or...
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MPH Degree Requirements

ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS To be considered for admission, an applicant must meet the AUA General Admission Requirements and the MPH Program Specific Requirements. Applicants are expected to: Be graduates of a school of medicine, dentistry or veterinary medicine...
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Graduate Certificate in Finance

ABOUT THE PROGRAM The Graduate Certificate in Finance (CF) is a one-year program offered by the Master of Science in Economics (MSE) program in the Manoogian Simone College of Business and Economics (CBE). The program will help professionals boost their...
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