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TEFL Courses

TEFL300 English for Language Teachers (Credits: 2) The course is designed to improve students’ English proficiency with a primary emphasis on the speaking skill. The following language areas are targeted: speaking accuracy, fluency, complexity, pragmatics,...
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FND Courses

  FND101 Freshman Seminar I (Credits: 3) This course aims to introduce students to the AUA’s core values—academic excellence, free inquiry, integrity, scholarship, leadership, and service —while building students’ communication skills. Students...
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EC Courses

  EC104 Introduction to Communications (Credits: 3) This course provides a comprehensive introduction to the field of communication studies. Students will examine the components of human communication as it takes place within interpersonal, group,...
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LAW Courses

  LAW101 Law in Everyday Life (Credits: 3) This course presents the basic principles of law as we experience it in everyday life.   It aims to inform students about their rights, duties and the predictable interactions people have with...
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PSIA Courses

  PSIA101 Introduction to Political Science (Credits: 3) This course provides students with an introduction to the approaches in the study of politics.  The course explores major concepts prevalent in political science including power, democracy,...
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CHSS Courses

CHSS101 Eastern Armenian Language 1 (Credits: 3) In this course students will learn the fundamentals of Eastern Armenian in order to be able to form simple sentences, recognize the Armenian alphabet and hold basic conversations. The course is for non-native...
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