MSSM Student Learning Outcomes

1.1. Identify and explain core theories of management

1.2 Apply core theories of management to authentic business projects and organizations

1.3 Apply advanced quantitative and qualitative data analysis technique to support evidence-based decision making

1.4 Demonstrate informed decision making through a synthesis of knowledge and methodologies from functional areas of business

2.1 Weigh the ethical, legal and social concerns of stakeholders in decision making, taking into account corporate responsibility, environmental sustainability and the regional and global nature of business.

2.2 Pursue further studies and/or professional careers or advancement

3.1 Engage in effective verbal and written communication using appropriate media and technology.

3.2 Think critically and creatively, conceptualizing real-world problems from different perspectives.

3.3 Work productively in and lead diverse professional teams, and solve problems collaboratively.

4.1 Weigh evidence and arguments in a variety of resources.

4.2 Appreciate and engage in diverse modes of inquiry.

4.3 Properly document and synthesize existing scholarship and data, keep current with new technology and developments in their field and conduct independent research.