Full-time MBA Program Description

The full-time MBA program provides a comprehensive and well-rounded business education for individuals who seek a management career. It also provides the opportunity for students to specialize in Accounting, Finance or Marketing.

FTMBA is an intensive program designed to be completed in four semesters (20 months). Most classes meet in the afternoon starting at 14:00; usually four times per week.  Those who enroll in the full-time program include students who have part-time jobs, international students and students who pursue complementary graduate studies in other institutions.

Summary of Degree Credit Requirements:
Core courses

37 credits

Leadership skills courses

7 credits

Elective courses

20 credits

Internship project

0 credits

Total required

64 credits


First Year of the Program

The first year of the FTMBA program consists mainly of required, core and leadership development courses.  These courses give students a firm understanding of the tools of general management by providing innovative techniques for solving managerial problems. In the last quarter of the first year, students can start building a customized educational experience by enrolling in elective courses.

Furthermore, in the last quarter of the first year, students register for the internship program. Students can start the internship at any time during spring and complete it during the summer term. The internship is required for all students with less than two years of full-time or four years of part time relevant work experience at the date of their admission to the program. The internship program affords students the chance to clarify their career goals, assess personal strengths and weaknesses in the work environment, develop professional competencies, understand the culture and practice of their chosen profession, and improve opportunities for future employment.


Second Year of the Program

The second year curriculum has a higher degree of flexibility by including a greater number of elective courses. With a variety of electives to choose from, students have the opportunity to tailor their learning experience in a way that helps them master skills need to succeed.

In addition to the electives, students must successfully complete the rest of required courses including BA396 – Business Policy and Strategy. Offered in the last quarter of the second year, this is a comprehensive 6-unit course that caps and integrates all that students have learned throughout the program. The course includes a consulting project that caps knowledge and skills learned in concentration courses.